What would life be without really good chilli sauce?big-prawn-take-37

Whether you spell it chilli, chili or chile it is the same thing… the fiery spice that is warming an international fusion of people and food.  Join us and taste the spicy flavours of Australia.

What began in the Byron Bay hinterland over twenty years ago is now a world famous range of chilli sauce, corn chips and salsas…brought to you by the Byron Bay Chilli Company.

It all started with a chilli patch on a hill overlooking Byron Bay. With a little help from a friendly farmer and some good compost from the old Byron Piggery, there were soon more jalapeno chillies than we knew what to do with.

Smarket 02o we set up a Mexican food stall at the Byron and Bangalow markets. To go with our burritos, tacos and nachos we started making our own chilli sauce, salsas and corn chips the way we like them.

Since then, Byron Bay Chilli Company has grown into a world famous brand, winning stacks of awards on three continents, including the Grand Prize Scovie Award from New Mexico, for best tasting chilli sauce. Try our products for yourself and find out why...

Our Sauces for Europe Now Being Made in England !


Georgina Phillips from the Condiment Company, our UK manufacturer and I working a little magic at the IFE Show in London recently.   The response was impressive... Our chilli sauces are now available from Georgina at www.byronbaychilli.co.uk   Try the Fiery Coconut on some Yorkshire Pudding, or a Lamb Kebab.  All of these sauces are a lot like London, cosmopolitan and full of deliciousness from all over the world.


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