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cayenne and sun dried tomato pesto
pasta and pizza
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Dried tomatoes and cayenne give this pesto a very deep, rich flavour with just enough bite to get your attention.
macadamia and jalapeno pesto
pasta and pizza
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Bush nuts add a creamy richness to this spicy pesto.
spinach and pesto lasagne
pasta and pizza
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Layers of green and white make this sumptuous lasagne an interesting change from the tomato-based version. There are several steps involved in its preparation but the result is well...
mouth watering quesadillas
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The Mexican version of a toasted cheese sandwich, a quesadilla (kay-sah-dee-yah) can be enjoyed in its unadorned state or embellished with a variety of fillings. Good for appetisers, or...
cheese enchiladas
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An enchilada is a tortilla rolled around a savoury filling, covered in sauce and baked. Once all the ingredients are prepared, assembly is easy.
byron bay market breakfast burrito
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This is a wonderful invention for people who like to eat their breakfast on the go. An early morning favourite during our years at the Byron Market. ...
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Easy to prepare, these beans go with everything Mexican. Don’t be misled by the title, it simply refers to the cooking container.
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Meaning “little burro” in Spanish, a burrito is a large flour tortilla wrapped around a filling and traditionally eaten by hand. Don’t get carried away trying to put excess...
126 results - showing 31 - 40  
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