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Fajitas (fa-hee-tahs) are a Mexican stir-fry and best eaten with a stack of hot tortillas and lots of napkins. We serve these often for parties where guests can help...
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the flavours of mint and fiery coconut chilli sauce go really well together in this recipe...nice light summer eating
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The Asian influence of curry and ginger, coconut, chile and mint give these burgers a refreshingly light and tangy flavour.
fiery grilled chicken with asian noodles
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The flavours of curry and ginger, coriander and lime bring the spicy taste of Asia to this easy dish.
fragrant and spicy pumpkin soup
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Soft chunks of pumpkin combine with fragrant spices, chillis and lime juice to create a very memorable vegetarian stew. Lentil dal, raita and jasmine rice are nice accompaniments ...
garlic and chilli steak butter
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This butter is delicious as a topping for grilled steak, spread for hot bread, or on baked potatoes. Definitely yum and easy.!
Golden Potato Salad
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The combination of chilli, yogurt and mayo is divine. Good on just about any food.
126 results - showing 41 - 50  
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