For at least three weeks now, our house has been under siege by a young kookaburra. I can see him perched on his favourite tree, waiting for just the right moment to bang into the front window.

Extremely territorial, this guy must think his reflection is the enemy. Starting at half an hour after dawn, he wakes everyone up with a loud and unexpected “bang”. This continues off and on all day.

Several times he has flown through an open door, flapping around the lounge
looking for himself in one of the windows or mirrors. Even caught him once,
put him in a red plastic milk crate, and invited the neighbourhood kids over for
a look.

Let him go later that day, with a stern warning. Soon though, he was back at it. One good thing, he won’t go near the windows that have the red plastic milk crate in front of them.

Having learned to laugh at the bird brain, we offer his story to encourage
others to have a think…

Perhaps the perceived enemy is an illusion?

Is it possible our biggest enemy is ourselves, and our inability to see the commonality of all life?

Maybe one day there will be Peace on Earth, and Good Will To All?


One of the best ways to express Good Will is to feed someone. Around here,
Lynne is famous for her holiday dressings. Usually, she cooks them in a separate baking pan, so all the vegetarians in our vicinity can enjoy equally.

Though there have been moments when I was tempted to stuff the kookaburra with something like this, I assure you that I have thought better of
it, and will no doubt be sharing our Christmas tea with him as usual.

Much, much Love to all, we hope you enjoy your holiday season and take time to share something yummy with your fellow creatures.