Australian Summer Day BBQ



Hope you all had a reflective 2020 Australia Day Weekend!

We at Byron Bay Chilli sure did as it started in the middle of the night, to the pleasant sound of thunder in the distance.  (We had a drought for many, many months, so rain makes us happy).
The first thing that came to mind was moving my good old ute so that it would be out of the pending rain. The tray fully loaded with cartons of precious chilli sauce and I didn’t want them to get wet.
Rolled out of bed, had a glance at the bushfires near me app (still current) and heard that bang again…this time closer. Okay, I get it. Up and out we go!
Trying not to wake up Lynne, I crept out of the house, started up “Old Dusty” (the name our granddaughter Amy long ago gave the Hi-Lux), and drove it over under a shed roof nearby.
As I stepped out of the truck, the first light drops of rain falling on my face, feeling lucky to get the goods safe and blessed with the rain. As I walked back to the house, reflecting on the fantastic place we live, feeling the fat raindrops on my face, I realised I should act more on my instincts for 2020
Off course, Lynne was up and me drenched to the bone.

Nelly, our delightful social media director, asked me to write a blog about eating light and healthy this Summer. Mixing in our range of chilli sauces, salsas and corn chips.
Despite a couple of birthday celebration feasts, my 2020 instinct tells me to do just that. Holy Chilli, where did the time go? I keep thinking about what the New Year will bring. What an excellent time to sharpen our vision, see clearly (have the courage and be kind) and make healthy choices.
At Byron Bay Chilli Company, we have always leaned toward the healthy end of the food spectrum. In the beginning we stocked the shelves of Coles and Woolworths in Queensland; our chips and salsas featured in the health food aisle.
Many of our best wholesale customers were and remained health food shops. But over the last thirty years of our history of tasty/healthy food, they have become a mainstream customer preference. Which is a fabulous trend to see our society lean more and more towards delicious, healthy food
Today our sauces, salsas and chips are sitting in the regular snack and sauce aisles.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean being deprived. A great example is our ever-growing chilli inspired recipe page. Lynne, our main recipe and sauce developer, always comes up with new ways of keeping our dining table exciting and inspirational. Of course with a house full of experienced taste testers, the feedback is perfect dinner conversation — Mexican feast many days in our household. There are so many delicious recipes on our Instagram, Facebook and website for you to try.

Salads, soups and light meals are perfect for this warm weather. A bit of spicy sauce and away you go.
And if you happen to be in Byron on a warm sunny day, you may find us at the Beach. Lynne is already planning our next blog post on easy to prep and take to a picnic Chilli Mexican Feast.

Come by and say G’ day.

The Bolands